The MAYA Practices

Over time our practices have evolved to focus on the major challenges most of our customers face.

Human-Centered Design

Making your product or service easier to use is a proven way to enhance your brand, reduce training and support costs, and increase sales – leapfrogging the competition in the process. But to achieve ease of use, you need to forget technology for a while and get inside the heads of users. Learn More

MAYA Research

DARPA invented the Internet over twenty years ago by fostering deep research into the future of information. We helped them invent a system they’ve called one of their biggest success stories in the last ten years. Find out how our Research Practice can help you build something big tomorrow. Learn More

Pervasive Computing

Pervasive computing will change our world, but only if it can break free of the lab and increase your company’s revenues. At MAYA, we don’t focus on geeky stunts and parlor tricks. We work with you to fundamentally change the game. Learn More

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