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Over twenty years ago, DARPA invented the Internet by fostering deep research into the future of information. MAYA helped them invent a system they have called one of their biggest success stories of the past ten years. Building on this, MAYA research is focused on the complex technological challenges of the next ten years.

MAYA’s research brings us closer to the global network of the future.

Analysts agree that, within a couple of years, there will be over a trillion information devices connected to the global network. One trillion is a huge number.

One trillion seconds ago, humans were finger-painting on cave walls!

The computing industry has largely ignored the sea change that will occur when we near that trillion-node threshold. Our current devices employ technologies like relational databases and client/server models that were invented at least 20 years ago—models that will very soon be inadequate to confront the challenges of managing the quantity of information available in that very near future.

MAYA’s research is about understanding what it will take for your products and services to fit into––and survive––a trillion-node world. Our mission is to help your company invent a profitable future through deep research, technological innovation and actionable results.

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